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Available from 11:30am - 3pm and 5:30pm - 6:30pm

One Course $35 pp | Two Courses $40 pp | Three Courses $45 pp
(Includes a complimentary glass of sparkling, white or red wine)


Squid rings, spring onion, chili, sumac, garlic, pepper
Pork belly confit, maple parsnip puree, charred asparagus, watercress shallots
Wild mushroom tartlet, garlic, feta, rocket salad and truffle crumb


Pan fried snapper, char grilled broccolini, Paris mash, tomato and verjuice vinaigrette
Minute sirloin, char grilled medium rare, rocket salad and shoe string fries
Spaghettini, sweet potato puree, roasted pine nuts, parmesan, truffle oil


Orang and date pudding, pistachio crumb and anglaise
Dark chocolate tart, clotted cream, hazelnut and pistachio praline
D’Argental Brebirousse brie (30g), served with lavosh and pear

** Not Valid With Any Other Offer