A La Carte


Helen’s Ortiz sage anchovy, sage, lightly battered and fried, lemon.    $3 ea.
Scallop, in the half shell, sea salt, extra virgin olive oil. (gf)   $4.30 ea.
Hand cut potato wedges, spiced rosemary salt, garlic, garlic aioli.    $10
Chorizo, olives and feta. (gf)   $10
Potato croquettes, chili tomato jam    $10
Squid rings, spring onion, chili, sumac, garlic, pepper.  (gf)    $14
Fresh Australian oyster with condiments.  (gf)     $4.30 ea.
French baguette, jamon serrano, tomato, mixed leaf salad, shaved parmesan, dressing.   $14
French baguette, triple cream brie, tomato, mixed leaf salad, honey.    $14
Chicken liver parfait, Pedro Ximenez sherry reduction, sourdough. (gf).   $16


Soupe du jour    $14
Whole Fremantle sardines, char grilled, toasted sourdough.    $16
Calves liver, pan fried, Brussels sprout leaves, cranberries, toasted almonds.    $18
Pork belly confit, maple parsnip puree, charred asparagus, watercress shallots.    $19
Spaghettini, spanner crab, white wine, chili, tomato, basil.    $20
King prawns, barbequed with zesty herb butter dressing.    $21
Wild  mushroom tartlet, garlic, feta, rocket salad and truffle crumb.    $22


Beef burger, medium rare, caramelised onion, gruyere cheese, fries and garlic aioli.    $21
Goats cheese tart, zucchini & bell pepper puff pastry tart, sumac, rocket, nutmeg.    $26
Pork and duck cassoulet, cannellini beans, fennel, tomato, truffle crumb.    $32
Braised lamb shank with paris mash, baby carrots, roasted parsnips, jus.    $32
Slow cooked lamb shoulder with soft herbed polenta, jus, watercress. (gf)   $36
Goldband snapper, cauliflower and horseradish, salsa verde dressed radicchio. (gf)    $37
Duck leg confit, paris mash, red wine cabbage, red wine jus. (gf)    $39
Eye fillet, 250 grams, char grilled, shoestring fries, rocket salad. (gf)   $45
Black Angus scotch fillet , 350grams, watercress, red wine jus. (gf)    $47
Beef cheek bourguignon, roasted turnips, swedes, carrots, brussel sprouts.     $35


Shoestring fries, garlic aioli.    $10
Mixed leaf salad, cherry tomato, vinaigrette. (gf)    $10
Char grilled asparagus, lemon. (gf)    $10
Green beans, toasted almond butter. (gf)    $10
Potato pave, parmesan cheese, truffle crumb. (gf)    $10
Grilled baby bell peppers. (gf)    $10